Sunday, November 29, 2009


I keep catching random documentaries of hers from all over cyberspace and she is just so real.
I never fancied her (or any other models for that matter) but she sure is missed by alot of people.

I'm home on a Saturday night, approaching Sunday at 2 am already but somehow it feels quite right. I'm dead broke and in need of serious detox from all the hmmm... booze. (I've turned down every alcohol-related event for the night, be proud!) I've never felt so drunk and spaced out in my life but last minute plans are the best. Was talking to YX earlier and realized we've met a whole lot of new people lately, some even v random ones and it gets fun the first time but slowly after, you realize it's the people you really know whom you'll always keep a lookout for and stick with. I have the tendency to get close to people v easily (not in a flirty romantic kind of way, sheesh) when in fact I'm the most awkward person I know... It's only recently that I've been more open though. Weird. Anyway, low profile for now & shucks, slowly counting down to start of my internship.



Friday, November 27, 2009

4:44 am
Why the hell am I still up?
The longer hours I'm awake, the more I get hungry. Srsly craving for Macs breakfast right now.
That plus a Subway BMT and a large coke. & Shaker fries with garlic chili plsss.

+ I can't stop thinking bout Zouk and how I ended being the only intern chosen out of the rest who applied.
What if it's cause I have good communication skills only? I'm so anxious, yet sooo nervous.
What if I end up being a big failure and not meet my deadlines? Or not finding the right fotos to use for print?
I have all these doubts filling up my brain, Idk whyyy.

And you... can you please chill.
Seriously man, we're at par here so don't think so highly of yourself. You think I wasn't humiliated
when you went on telling people how much of an idiot I was cause of a certain incident? Sheesh.

Laura Deberle

Thursday, November 26, 2009

mock flyer I made for Zouk

Today marks my last official interview for internship cause I finally nailed it! I cabbed down to Zouk in the scorching weather, was a few minutes late and upon entering, I already had the feeling I wasn't gonna make it, really. I was sitting, patiently waiting for some "mriz" to call me in and it was actually a guy! He's really nice, pretty dope and for some reason reminds me of my lecturer, Terrence a whole lot. He asked me questions I've always dreaded in an actual interview and some were even off topic. He made me think alot and not just about design related stuff, which I really like cause sometimes that's the only time you'll ever figure things out yourself. I like what he said about design and how you'll never know when to stop editing your work and keep doing until the deadline. & at some point, you'll finally know when to. He also said that his approach to design is idea-based which is so me, I swearr. I told him I'm forever thinking and I that all my work has to start out from an idea. Etc etc etc. I honestly can't remember much about everything we talked about, but it was deff an experience for me cause I like meeting this kind of people and knowing they actually exist in this industry.

I am their one & only intern and I swearrr, I was out of words when he told me on the spot that I got it.
Yesss, I'm dreading Monday already.

Infinite XXXs

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

let it out

Wow, past 3 am and I just woke up from a deep sleep.. & I haven't bathed. Today was dead tiring...
I think my body's gone shisha overboard. It's only tonight that I felt so giddy after.
That plus I missed my last train, managed to get myself locked inside Bugis Junction after returning
from the loo (wtf right) then cabbed my way home. I swear I need to stop spending on such unnecessary things.

I think I'll be staying in tomorrow,seriously get my nails done and prepare myself for Thursday cause I got an interview at Zouk.
REALLY HOPE I GET IT. I was so happy to see a fucking reply in my inbox at this hour so pls pls let it be a good sign.

I feel so sick.
Everything is starting to be such a routine.
I'm honestly drained from... hmmm, everything.

Still waiting

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2:47 am
Bored, hungry and constantly checking my handphone...
waiting for something to happen.

Something... Hmmmmmmm.

Monday, November 23, 2009

your digits

ONEDERLAND @Zouk w/ Aldrin.
The night we were out of place (or at least tried to be) cause we were feeling BlackMarket more. HA.
We can srsly be such crazy fools at times... or when alcohol has sunken in our systems.
One decent photo only cause I had such bad makeup that night.

Zouk for Huihui's last hurrah!
Since she's leaving for Aussie & NZ soon, we decided to make this her last official night of music, booze & everything that goes with it. Something interesting ALWAYS seems to happen when the 3 of us club together... won't get into details, but it was defff an awesome night.

Yes, we were still sober.

Ok, this time we weren't...

Our dearest Kelvin, pimping & having a mini photoshoot with us...

Trust me, he looks creepy.

The Jap guys we met outside the loo. They were extremely friendly, really.
It was their first night in Sg and Zouk was their first destination, wuhoooo.

Ameer, who is only fucking 17 yrs old... Met him plus his 2 friends as well.

Idk who's that creep smiling, but I was obviously enjoying myself.

These are only the Zouk photos. I'm too lazy to upload the Dbl O ones, so feast your eyes on these for the time being.
So just as I thought I was too exhausted from all the inebriation, I decided to give Saturday night another go.
Woke up from Daniel's missed calls, reached Zouk at 3am, missed Benny Benassi, stuck with Charlene/Dandy/Ameer, Vodka Redbull FTW, crazy slutfest on the dancefloor, "soulmate" on the rescue (looong story), free tasteless Milo for everyone, cab mishaps, sleepy guy on the sidewalk, endless conversations with the 17 yr old til sunrise, 10am and I'm off to bed...

Such a random night but school's over and I'm all up for anything. I'm seriously gonna miss clubbing insanely with the girls, now that it's just gonna be me and YX left here in sucky Singapore. (YX, I know you read my blog and I'm serious about you not disappearing from my life)

I got another interview tomorrow, hopefully I score this one, and hopefully my nights won't get wasted over being exhausted from work.

And not that it isn't obvious already, but...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

don't hate

Why do I always choose to mess up... unknowingly?

I'm not entirely sure if I'm causing trouble here or what, but I think almost 3 years of friendship
is not something I'd trade, for him or any guy for that matter.

Trust me, I'm a fucking lost sheep in this city just trying to find the right group of people to blend with.
I drink, I smoke, I party but God forbid, I'm no slut.

visual feast

A Wang fest.
Those buckles are killer.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Wow, I feel like I'm on an updating craze. So interview at JUICE was alright. I had to wait for an hour more cause she was late. Lol.
I was damn nervous, a bit nauseous, and felt so insecure in the office... I even choked twice while talking. Sheesh. Yes, it's finally overrr.
After that, I headed down to Town and went mad. I love shopping alone, but it's also quite dangerous for me. HA. I scored a lovely Bebe dress that was on sale. Snaps for that! Oh and I wonder why, but Topshop looked so annoyingly dull today. That's a first.

Zouk tonight. Yes, I've missed my silly girls!
Wonder what's gonna happen to us this time...

then & now- I looked damn gross, I know...

AND... last night is all such a blur to me.
All I know is that my tolerance level isn't changing any bit.

I haven't had a real deep sleep since 5 fucking am, I'm hungover, I'm feeling diarrhea kicking in, my head's throbbing
and my interview is in less than 3 fucking hours. And in times when I srsly need a panadol, I can't find one lying around my room.

Universe, save me.
I wanna puke out every bit of alcohol inside my system.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today was not good...
I set my alarm at 11:45, knowing if I set it at 11:30 I'll keep adding minutes to it before I actually wake up. Lo and behold, I woke up at 3 pm. Went down to school to print my prized portfolio which cost me 15 bucks, checked my account balance- and that's when the world eats me up. To think I was even contemplating if I should go Bugis first to buy this ring I saw days back which I really wanted. Sighs. So I was left with a 5 dollar bill plus some coins in my wallet. Was caught in a dilemma again, thinking if I should just buy a MOS chili dog or a Subway BMT (which I've grown addicted to). I chose the latter which left me with a dollar. My ez link was cashless, I could've used that buck to get me home, but nooo... I decided to walk all the way home from the hub, which I would never do.

I'm home now, feasting on my BMT and life is suddenly so good. But before that,
I searched for coins everywhere and found myself a handful in the kitchen. HAHA.
That made me sound like a pathetic loser but I need it badly for my bus ride later.

Dbl O tonight. Thank you, JT for being a doll!
Juice interview tomorrow, hope I don't get wasted. Fingers x.

Overdue Pt 1

The night us girls + Evan went to O Bar.
This was 3 weeks ago I think.

Really took advantage of their cheap shots, esp our one and only male friend
who got knocked down waaaay too early. HAHA. I swear, he was crazy wasted,
and full of nonsense already at some point.
Hello Evan, you are missed!

This is EPIC! Haha, notice the pity face.
I think he was looking for more cash in his wallet to get himself more drinks.

Mobile Uploads...

I don't know how many times he grabbed my neck/shoulder/head just to take a photo,
or for other reasons, Idk. He even covered my face with his bare hands... for no reason.

This was the night I hopped on the nightrider for the first time, got lost as fuck
and ended up in freakin Sembawang.
Never again.

Others soon! I thought I was in the mood for a long update but the wind's getting chilly
and my bed is calling out to me! Goodnight XX

What's on my mind?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

skip if you must

YES YES YES Lydia replied my email and rescheduled my interview to Friday morning!
Yes, my ass is saved. And I can't believe she took the time to reply me at this ungodly hour...
and Juice is supposed to be really busy, on Friday esp since it's their anniv party.
I hope she gives me invites.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hi Pauline,

Are you able to drop by with your portfolio for an interview tomorrow?
Let me know.


lydia foo
senior designer
28 Maxwell Road
#02-01 Red Dot Traffic
Singapore 069120

DID [65] 6325 8040
Phone [65] 6325 8042
Fax [65] 6536 5318

And the dumbest thing... I told her I have yet to print out all my work tomorrow morning!
Aaahhhhh, I got this email at 5 plus and only replied to her now! 11 freaking PM.
Lydia, pls pls pls be a kind soul. xx

endless rants

-I'm starting to get sick of my wardrobe. I feel the need to buy something new.
-Internship is calling out to me. I need JUICE to make my interview official.
(CATALOG would do me a big favor though)
-I am officially skin & bones, yet I feel the exact opposite.
-I keep finding disgusting bruises on my legs.
-School's over, but I am still sleepless as ever.

Tons of overdue fotos to upload.
This blog is getting wasted.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

& I'm suddenly awakened by early morning, useless thoughts...

Time check: 4:30 am

I need to get me some sleep.
I've got Friday the 13th written all over today.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

3:27 am
internship/post fyp/depleting account
utterly broke
ice cream cravings

& the world swallows me in.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our time is near

Will be on hiatus until after all this is over.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

When will this end?

I wish our days are as carefree as our retarded posing faces.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hide away

Isn't She lovely pt 2

Raquel Zimmerman
+ another added to my girl crush list.

The End is near.

Thank God for sister's boyfriend who can supply me w/ what I need most in these deadliest hours.

Monday, November 2, 2009

5:07 am

Disgusted & sick to my stomach.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Notcouture // Fashion Hayley

Dolce Vita

Does Not Equal

Came across these awesome pieces while doing some research work.
I think I've finally found a label that levels up to my design skills.

it's darkness approaching now we're at a loss

Sometimes, when all that's lost remains
Drink from the fountain of youth and never age again
Sometimes it jump across to every cloud
Fly away get lost and never be found


Black patches long cardigan //Oak. Black wool tabard//Complex Geometries.Grey hooded wrap sweatshirt//Rick Owens Drkshdw

Seeing these makes me miss the oversized hooded cardigan I purchased online a month ago...
barely worn & now, lost forever. Hate myself for being so irresponsible.

I'm in love with the Complex Geometries one, btw. It looks too amazingly comfy.
And speaking of which, I just received my CG knockoffs from Schwing Schwing ytd!
Such a versatile piece (obviously) and really can't wait to wear it out.

On an off note, I'm clueless on what designer/label to do for my FYP.
I don't wanna come up with my own cause I'm afraid I'll end up completely copying an existing one's style.
And besides, I adore way too many to even make my originality shine thru. Okay, that sounded so gay.

Someone enlighten me.