Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today was not good...
I set my alarm at 11:45, knowing if I set it at 11:30 I'll keep adding minutes to it before I actually wake up. Lo and behold, I woke up at 3 pm. Went down to school to print my prized portfolio which cost me 15 bucks, checked my account balance- and that's when the world eats me up. To think I was even contemplating if I should go Bugis first to buy this ring I saw days back which I really wanted. Sighs. So I was left with a 5 dollar bill plus some coins in my wallet. Was caught in a dilemma again, thinking if I should just buy a MOS chili dog or a Subway BMT (which I've grown addicted to). I chose the latter which left me with a dollar. My ez link was cashless, I could've used that buck to get me home, but nooo... I decided to walk all the way home from the hub, which I would never do.

I'm home now, feasting on my BMT and life is suddenly so good. But before that,
I searched for coins everywhere and found myself a handful in the kitchen. HAHA.
That made me sound like a pathetic loser but I need it badly for my bus ride later.

Dbl O tonight. Thank you, JT for being a doll!
Juice interview tomorrow, hope I don't get wasted. Fingers x.

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