Thursday, November 19, 2009

Overdue Pt 1

The night us girls + Evan went to O Bar.
This was 3 weeks ago I think.

Really took advantage of their cheap shots, esp our one and only male friend
who got knocked down waaaay too early. HAHA. I swear, he was crazy wasted,
and full of nonsense already at some point.
Hello Evan, you are missed!

This is EPIC! Haha, notice the pity face.
I think he was looking for more cash in his wallet to get himself more drinks.

Mobile Uploads...

I don't know how many times he grabbed my neck/shoulder/head just to take a photo,
or for other reasons, Idk. He even covered my face with his bare hands... for no reason.

This was the night I hopped on the nightrider for the first time, got lost as fuck
and ended up in freakin Sembawang.
Never again.

Others soon! I thought I was in the mood for a long update but the wind's getting chilly
and my bed is calling out to me! Goodnight XX

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