Monday, November 23, 2009

your digits

ONEDERLAND @Zouk w/ Aldrin.
The night we were out of place (or at least tried to be) cause we were feeling BlackMarket more. HA.
We can srsly be such crazy fools at times... or when alcohol has sunken in our systems.
One decent photo only cause I had such bad makeup that night.

Zouk for Huihui's last hurrah!
Since she's leaving for Aussie & NZ soon, we decided to make this her last official night of music, booze & everything that goes with it. Something interesting ALWAYS seems to happen when the 3 of us club together... won't get into details, but it was defff an awesome night.

Yes, we were still sober.

Ok, this time we weren't...

Our dearest Kelvin, pimping & having a mini photoshoot with us...

Trust me, he looks creepy.

The Jap guys we met outside the loo. They were extremely friendly, really.
It was their first night in Sg and Zouk was their first destination, wuhoooo.

Ameer, who is only fucking 17 yrs old... Met him plus his 2 friends as well.

Idk who's that creep smiling, but I was obviously enjoying myself.

These are only the Zouk photos. I'm too lazy to upload the Dbl O ones, so feast your eyes on these for the time being.
So just as I thought I was too exhausted from all the inebriation, I decided to give Saturday night another go.
Woke up from Daniel's missed calls, reached Zouk at 3am, missed Benny Benassi, stuck with Charlene/Dandy/Ameer, Vodka Redbull FTW, crazy slutfest on the dancefloor, "soulmate" on the rescue (looong story), free tasteless Milo for everyone, cab mishaps, sleepy guy on the sidewalk, endless conversations with the 17 yr old til sunrise, 10am and I'm off to bed...

Such a random night but school's over and I'm all up for anything. I'm seriously gonna miss clubbing insanely with the girls, now that it's just gonna be me and YX left here in sucky Singapore. (YX, I know you read my blog and I'm serious about you not disappearing from my life)

I got another interview tomorrow, hopefully I score this one, and hopefully my nights won't get wasted over being exhausted from work.

And not that it isn't obvious already, but...

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