Sunday, November 1, 2009


Black patches long cardigan //Oak. Black wool tabard//Complex Geometries.Grey hooded wrap sweatshirt//Rick Owens Drkshdw

Seeing these makes me miss the oversized hooded cardigan I purchased online a month ago...
barely worn & now, lost forever. Hate myself for being so irresponsible.

I'm in love with the Complex Geometries one, btw. It looks too amazingly comfy.
And speaking of which, I just received my CG knockoffs from Schwing Schwing ytd!
Such a versatile piece (obviously) and really can't wait to wear it out.

On an off note, I'm clueless on what designer/label to do for my FYP.
I don't wanna come up with my own cause I'm afraid I'll end up completely copying an existing one's style.
And besides, I adore way too many to even make my originality shine thru. Okay, that sounded so gay.

Someone enlighten me.

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