Thursday, November 26, 2009

mock flyer I made for Zouk

Today marks my last official interview for internship cause I finally nailed it! I cabbed down to Zouk in the scorching weather, was a few minutes late and upon entering, I already had the feeling I wasn't gonna make it, really. I was sitting, patiently waiting for some "mriz" to call me in and it was actually a guy! He's really nice, pretty dope and for some reason reminds me of my lecturer, Terrence a whole lot. He asked me questions I've always dreaded in an actual interview and some were even off topic. He made me think alot and not just about design related stuff, which I really like cause sometimes that's the only time you'll ever figure things out yourself. I like what he said about design and how you'll never know when to stop editing your work and keep doing until the deadline. & at some point, you'll finally know when to. He also said that his approach to design is idea-based which is so me, I swearr. I told him I'm forever thinking and I that all my work has to start out from an idea. Etc etc etc. I honestly can't remember much about everything we talked about, but it was deff an experience for me cause I like meeting this kind of people and knowing they actually exist in this industry.

I am their one & only intern and I swearrr, I was out of words when he told me on the spot that I got it.
Yesss, I'm dreading Monday already.

Infinite XXXs


  1. Hi! Darran's gf here! the flyer you made for zouk is soooo nice! like even nicer then what they made! hopefully zouk cards can get nicer now that they got you! ;)

  2. Hey! thanksss, that means alot! i just quickly made that cause he informed me at the v last minute! hopefully ill be useful in their team.. everyone there seems soo professional!