Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm home on a Saturday night, approaching Sunday at 2 am already but somehow it feels quite right. I'm dead broke and in need of serious detox from all the hmmm... booze. (I've turned down every alcohol-related event for the night, be proud!) I've never felt so drunk and spaced out in my life but last minute plans are the best. Was talking to YX earlier and realized we've met a whole lot of new people lately, some even v random ones and it gets fun the first time but slowly after, you realize it's the people you really know whom you'll always keep a lookout for and stick with. I have the tendency to get close to people v easily (not in a flirty romantic kind of way, sheesh) when in fact I'm the most awkward person I know... It's only recently that I've been more open though. Weird. Anyway, low profile for now & shucks, slowly counting down to start of my internship.


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