Friday, November 27, 2009

4:44 am
Why the hell am I still up?
The longer hours I'm awake, the more I get hungry. Srsly craving for Macs breakfast right now.
That plus a Subway BMT and a large coke. & Shaker fries with garlic chili plsss.

+ I can't stop thinking bout Zouk and how I ended being the only intern chosen out of the rest who applied.
What if it's cause I have good communication skills only? I'm so anxious, yet sooo nervous.
What if I end up being a big failure and not meet my deadlines? Or not finding the right fotos to use for print?
I have all these doubts filling up my brain, Idk whyyy.

And you... can you please chill.
Seriously man, we're at par here so don't think so highly of yourself. You think I wasn't humiliated
when you went on telling people how much of an idiot I was cause of a certain incident? Sheesh.

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