Wednesday, July 8, 2009

thank you, michael

I was never really an MJ fan until the sick news came out that he was dead. It's sad and I wish I pushed myself to get to know more of him and his music, because watching every single news channel out there giving tribute to him and now the live memorial on cnn, he really appears to be such a LEGEND. Was and still is. I'm grateful though that I at least know some of his songs and have been living and breathing them these past couple of days. It's so odd how he's had so much impact on me lately. I guess it's the very fact that he's gone... The King of Pop. BUT, I know he'll live forever through his music and wise words of love and change, and the world being one.

I love you MJ and although I was never a fan from the beginning, I'll forever be your PRETTY YOUNG THING. You're def a part of me (:


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