Friday, July 10, 2009

reality check

Singapore countdown: 3 effing days :( :( :(
Kidding... half kidding. All I know is I'm downright not ready for school, though I'm itching to be productive again. BUT, I'm all for getting my independence back. Money money money.. Lol, I kid.
On a random note, I'm in love with Greek food or anything Mediterranean tasting. Dinner with Mandi last night at Cafe Med was lovely, although I wasn't as much of a pig as she was. HAHA, I love you Mandirt and our endless conversations! Something I always look forward to with friends. Tomorrow marks my last day out... too surreal!

And OH, I got myself a new haircut today and ugghhh, not digging it. I swear, little things like salon failures seriously ruin my day.

Feast your eyes on my creative juices on screen.
(sarcasm involved)

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