Sunday, December 5, 2010

a whole new world outside

Feels like this weekend was one I've looked forward to the most out of all the past weekends...
just cause work has been such a pain.
Feels like I've also spent an incredible amount, but thankfully on necessary things...
which doesn't happen quite often. Haha.

I've really missed the company of my friends and sometimes it's these nights
(with a few drinks in hand) that remind me to just take it easy and chill; A real breather.

Anyway, here's something perfect for a Sunday..

I've listened to Taken by Trees a million x before and it took a while before I started to really
appreciate their music. Probably why I was never such a fan of The Concretes,
although the uncanny vocals grows on you after sometime.

Enjoy your lazy Sunday, everyone x

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