Monday, September 27, 2010

stuck in reverse, there's nothing worse

You know when you're young and get lost in love?
Well, although I'm not too proud of it, I can say I've gone through it alot of times only being 21.
It's the most intense and nicest feeling to have but it could leave you in pain 10x more intense.
I've gone through guys after guys and somehow, even if my most recent relationship wasn't the longest and the most perfect,
it was and still is the one I'd say I've treasured the most. I was both happy and sad but heck,
I was in love. I think the only difference between being lost in love then and now is that I knew something wasn't right (now).
But I still chose to go on with it cause you never really know when you'll feel that closeness with that person again...
which in all honesty, I was never really ready to give up just yet.

I honestly thought it would be my biggest regret due to the pain caused, but now that I think about it,
it's just another learning experience for me.

For now, I'm tired.
And I think it's about time that I put my emotions to rest.


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