Saturday, September 18, 2010

new light

So it's true. There comes a point in everyone's life when all you have is yourself to rely on.
Not cause people have left your side, but sometimes you just have to understand
that these people won't always be available.

And guess what? I'm home on a Saturday night. It's not the first indeed, but somehow
I was dreading this weekend real bad cause I knew then that it would have to be a first for many things.
I tried to make plans but turns out everyone just seems too busy. It got a little frustrating
so I've decided to just stay in, order Macs, read my book and savor all the time I have for myself.

You know how people are in such a rush to move on after a break-up?
How they force as much into keeping themselves really busy just so the thoughts
and emotions won't come rushing? It's totally reasonable and I guess handling it
is different for everyone, but I realized that although I was able to keep my mind off things
a little this whole week- going out and staying out late as much as possible- the more I succumb to it.
Instead of letting things fall into place, I was too preoccupied with moving on and to be honest,
I just made it even harder for myself. I even forgot that the reason why he gave me up
is cause I needed to learn how to be on my own, grow and maybe find that inner peace.

I'm gonna order my Macs now.
Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday night x

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