Saturday, June 12, 2010

Staying in on a Friday night isn't so bad after all, even if I'm just stoning half the time. HA.
Everyone is either inviting me to go join in the world cup fever or go club, zzz.
I still feel a slight tinge of happiness though, cause...
- I just bought stuff online!
- Got myself a pair of brogues!
- Went for threading (like finallyyy)
- Best of all, I got to see Brandon after what seems like lightyears! (missed you chubzz!)
- & of course I got myself some KOI hahaha

Yes, I'm shallow like that.
Designer Drugs tomorrow Y/N?

p.s. Aaahhhh, I really wanna go on a short getaway..
Someone bring me anywhere far far away from amk.

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