Tuesday, March 9, 2010

bring back the good times

Saturday saw me getting killed.
By far the worst weekend of 2010, yet due to alcohol consumption (major)...
but I can't deny the fact that the night started off pretty damn good.

Of silly drinking games and targeting eachother...
In the end, it was only Huihui down and I eventually (puke fest, ughh).
No more last minute clubbing plans, ever.

Apart from that one night of deadly inebriation, spent some time with bb the next few days.
Watched Silence of the Lambs (thumbs up), falling asleep one too many times
and feasting over pancakes and maggi noodles. Booooo.
Haha, yes we are 2 broke people.
Pancakes were good though.

p.s. I can't get over how gross and drunk I was last weekend.
I came home with unexpected diarrhea and cried myself to sleep. Ha.

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