Tuesday, March 30, 2010

bitch post 3:13 am AAAHHHHH

OhmyGod, I'm so lost with my fyp.
I mean, I know what I'm doing (or so I think) it's just that I realized that since I'm doing branding
of a (indie fashion) label, I can't do use much graphics. Now I'm sitting and staring at my sketches
and I hate everything. Cause mine is supposed to have a strong concept behind it yet it doesn't seem
to show much about it thru my designs. If only I could keep it simple with lots of whites and blacks,
then it'd be totally me. I don't get why the lecturers want everything to be so direct.
Uggghh. I'm so sick of my leaf designs.

omg panic panic i want this week to end alreadyyyyy


  1. tsk mom, you and your retarded leaf designs

  2. go away! and why the f are u anonymous JINGTING