Tuesday, February 23, 2010

back in the day

This photo is long overdue since some girl by the name of JT only uploaded everything now.
Worst part is... I got the most unglam face in every single one. Like wtf was i thinking...
if I even was thinking. This is probably the only decent one and I'm not even smiling. Lol.

Wow, it feels like lightyears since I last clubbed. Gone are the nights when booze was all I had
in my system. Well, it brings out the slut in everyone... it did in me. Looking back at all those
hardcore nights of dancing with strangers... LOL. Prolly why all my fotos turn out to be so dirty and gross.

To you three, meetup soon pls!
JT, I'll just pretend I haven't seen you in forever.

p.s. i don't ever wanna be fat.

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