Sunday, February 14, 2010


I'm so bored and hungry, but I already ordered my macs breakfast so I'm just doing a countdown til it arrives.
Anyway, tonight I was invited over to Brandon's place for dinner with all his relatives and it wasn't so bad.
I didn't eat much cause.. err, I was being "lady like" and yes you could say shy HAHA.
Then practically half the time we were just in his room... him falling fast asleep and me watching FRIENDS
while trying to figure out how to work the holga... and eventually fell asleep next to him. We are such pigs, yes.

Vday dinner at Sentosa later on, yayy!
Oh and I'm forever so dumb, I burned him a cd with all these lovey dovey songs (haha)
and I accidentally passed him a blank cd. Stupid.

Okay that's all! HAPPY CNY!
Goodnight/morning lovebirds! x


  1. omg. you just didn't!
    I did that for my ex when iw as 14! hahahaha!
    Very thoughtful my dear :p

    anyways, i think burning CDs aren't your thing cause they always ended up as EMPTY.

  2. Hahaha 14 vs 21, so...
    that just means i'm quite outdated lol
    If only i could record a mixtape cause that one's a classic!

    p.s. I KNOW I rly SUCK at burning cds.