Thursday, February 25, 2010

2:32 am

Good God, I can honestly say that I'm not in any way progressing in my fyp work. It's like everytime I come up with an idea, I sketch it out, do on my comp, show the lecturer, he'll give me his feedback and lmk what to change, and at first I'll think it's just a mere change of style, some add-ons, etc. and then I start sketching out again to improve on my current work and it becomes a totally different design. Every single flyer design I've done on illustrator can just go to the rubbish bin, I swear. I feel like I can't event apply my style anymore cause some lecturers just can't seem to appreciate that whole simple, clean feel... a minimalistic aura. I love working on plain white backgrounds with grid structure + standout typefaces but aaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

Omg, I feel like puking.
No fucking school tomorrow yay but it's just gonna be another wasted workloaded day.



  1. fuck man. i so fucking agree with you. sometimes i just wish they fucking accept whatever we've got and just let us fucking get on with it.

    k. too many fucks.

  2. hahaha wow first time i see so many of that F word.
    lol i knowww, and the thing is, we have like 3 diff
    lecturers for fyp each giving different opinions... so difficult to please each one!