Saturday, January 2, 2010

10 am

2009, just like any other year seemed like it had just passed me by in a split second. I can't really say much about it if you'd ask me at this hour, but it was definitely a good one for me. I wouldn't say it was the best, yet, but alot occurred that made me a much better person. Much? better? Lol. I was single for a long time (still am) and I think that in itself was what made me go thru and survive each fucking day of 2009. I became more open/minded and let more people in my life. I valued my family more but fought with my sis even more(lol). I had an online shopping illness I couldn't rid myself from til I got mad broke, but still never learned. I've had the most redbull in my system than any other year. I became closer to my class and reunited with 2 of my closest friends I've drifted from. I lived for sleepless nights- school and recently cause of work. I got a semi real job for the first time and got myself to intern for Zouk, which is ending pretty soon btw. I was called Grumpz/Angst cause of my attitude at work. I drank, danced and partied my weekends away, being the wasted youth that I once was. I fell in/out of love with a boy I've liked since year 2. & recently, before 2009 could end just like that, I met someone. We watched a lousy movie during our first "meetup", he was my Secret Santa on Christmas, he brought me to Botanic Garden when it was dark, we explored AMK by foot, brought me to Ikea to have my first taste of their meatballs, sent me home every single time we'd meet, put up with my tardiness and my urgent loo breaks, took me to dinner for nye to meet his friends, bid the year goodbye at Zouk and spent the first morning of 2010 at Bishan park, just the 2 of us, talking, cuddling, being disturbed by the stupid toads, and just being together. He hates bright lights too and is a proud east sider. Too proud actually.

So I missed Bloody Beetroots but my Friday night didn't suck so bad.
Actually, I slept my whole Friday away and had supper at the wee hours instead with friends.

Things have been good :)

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