Sunday, November 1, 2009

rant rant rant

Home on Halloween & bored out of my skull, although the weather isn't so bad for a stay in on a Saturday night.
Been sick this past week, growing nasty ulcers and waking up with the deadliest sore throats, I swearrr.
Apart from that, been feeling damn useless and unproductive lately. Like srsly no mood to do anything school related,
when it's like 2 weeks to our bloody assessment.

Universe, save me
I need it badly this time.

& just so my mind is clear...
-pay phone bill
-pay money I owe my sis (zzz)
-thread brows
-buy 1 pair of shoes & no shopping until mid of the month
-save $$

& again
get some work done.

Picture post of events when I'm not too lazy. I Promise.


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