Monday, August 17, 2009

out of touch

The week's only just begun yet it feels as if I've lost a million brain cells already. I felt like a lost sheep in Terrence's class this morning, seriously not knowing how to react to every single word he would utter and throw at us (or to me at least). He made me realize too the lack of good reads I've got in my life, cause although I've come across a zillion cool sites, they're mostly just of fotos I fancy or fashion-related pieces that aren't much of any relevance. I know I read alot though... probably all sorts of random shit but I just srsly can't recall any of it. Not at the moment. Apart from that, it's week 5 alr and yes, still lost as ever.

Anyway, here's a recent buy:
Vintage check sweater //super comfyy material

credits to owner

I've yet to pick up some bulky item at Sing post soon!! Not even sure what it is but I'm excited already! HAHA


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