Wednesday, August 5, 2009

life as we know it

What ever happened to days like this? Like everyone else (or at least most of my friends), I need a getaway... badly. School isn't doing much for me lately. I keep finding ways to escape it (i.e. today's stealth exit from the seminar room with evan. LOL). Srsly, nothing seems to be functioning properly in my head. It's all going cuckoo.

Anyway, new addition to my lust list...

Wanted a cuff from Marc Jacobs before but all oos :(
This Bullox jacket looks so yummy.

Obey has so manyyy rad stuff now. Yes, I'm still setting my eyes on the YSL copycat one, and those above but highly likely... cannot :/ Whatever, I still need to wait for my next allowance. Can't wait for the Need Supply Co. spree, woots!


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