Friday, August 7, 2009

the crookers lives on

It's a Friday night and I'm home, munching on shaker fries and other junk. Words cannot describe how good it feels to be staying in tonight...

So the Nafa mates decided to club (pre gamed where we all lost ourselves, Attica, Zirca) and it was all good... dancing to familiar tunes and just having a good time. Stuck with the guys most of the night cause my legs were dead tired and they were chilling half the time. Met up with kelvin (indie boy) as well, whom I've missed! Ended the night with Hanz, Steven and Bryan... sitting by the steps, enjoying the calm night. Heart to heart talks and awkward conversation starters (LOLZ)... at 5 am, we owned the city. Took the first bus and slept thru the day. 7 am-7:30 pm whuttuppp.

Last night made me realize some things.
Last night made me do some pretty stupid things as well.

Knowing you're still there makes me feel half-empty.


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