Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Greek fest

Today was quite lovely.
I went to lunch with my dad at this Mediterranean restaurant- Sophia's at West Gate. We ordered humus+ yogurt dip w/ pita and same main course- lamb kebab with vinaigrette dressed salad+ 3 types of sauces. Yummmmm. The kebab was heavenly, 2nd best to the one I've tasted in Arab street in Sg. I was so full that I had to skip dessert. Went home to nap and was seriously the best nap in ages! The weather was just... aaahhhhh. No words can even describe. Too bad it'll turn out to be a typhoon later tonight though. Apart from the soon to be bad weather, the virus outbreak is scaring the shit out of me :O

random: this semi cute waiter flashed a smile at me while taking my order, embarrassed- i totally knocked off my utensils from the table. FML



  1. Hello! I'm reading your blog.


  2. mels, love your blog music. and thanks thanks! your visits here are appreciated! (: